Saturday, July 9, 2011

the show must go on.

so we were watching price is right yesterday. how exciting! ahaha. actually we were waiting for atlantis' last launch on tv and then price is right was on. and let me tell this was one crazy episode. first, one of the showcase girls accidentally hits one of the prizes - a huge flat screen tv! second, the rotating showcase started  emitting smoke. lots and lots of smoke. you can see the staff trying to figure out where the smoke is coming from. of course they had to do commercial. third, as soon as the show came back on, it was pitch black. apparently the main lights were off. like drew carey and the showcase girls had flashlights. like they were all using flashlights!! at this point it was starting to be funny. fourth, in the middle of announcing the showcase, everything just burst into flames. like real fire everywhere. it was unbelievable! and they were just doing the show like there's nothing. the contestants were all screaming and excited about the prizes. not the freaking fire next to them!!! and finally as drew carey was saying goodbye, the entire beam holding the spotlights and stuff just fell right behind him!!! what in the world just happend!?!? i am not making this stuff up! and just you guys believe me, it's on youtube. i hope that's just a publicity stunt and that noone got hurt because i'm sorry it was kind of funny.
on another note, i wore this to the casino for a last minute q.t. with my dad before he leaves for the philippines. and yes that's a john lennon tribute behind me. one of my favorite people in the world. this is also me wearing pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been 2 months since i last wore pants!

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  1. Great outfit! And the shoulder bag...the perfect accessory!


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