Friday, August 19, 2011

a&a thrusday.

- having a conversation about moving from new york with a salesman and because of my accent he asked me if i'm from the island obviously i said "no, i'm from queens". only he meant a totaly different island like the philippines! duh?!? whatevs.
- pms-ing is so darn uncomfortable
- jumping and dancing like a crazy person while taking max out yesterday morning - i hate mosquitoes!!! that and i forgot to spray mosquito repellent
- while car shopping, sophie got so tired so we decided to just chillax in the backseat of some random display car, some random guy sat in the driver seat and started talking to himself about how awesome the car was. well, hello there.
- freaking out when hubby attempted to right on my notebook - yeah i'm ocd when it comes to that. it kind of backfired later on when sophie scribbled all over it. and i mean on my notes too. nope i'm still not over it. aaaargh!

- my our new suv! holla! technically it's mine until hubby gets his! ahaha!
- disney trip for labor day weekend - booked!
- mama's trip to visit us the weekend after that - booked! i miss her! you know what that means lumpiang toge (beansprout eggroll) and turon baby!
- excited to go try a new church on sunday! church by the glades - hope this is the one!

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  1. Excited for you to try out the new church! Would you believe we moved back in April and still travel the half an hour to our "old" church because I'm hesitant to find a new one? Haha. Silly. I love this outfit!!! All around great - great shoes. Great skirt. Great with the belt and the arm party(s). :)


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