Thursday, September 8, 2011

a&a thrusday.

- this actually one part of three: sophie screaming in magic kingdom "i want to go home!!!!!!" at 9:15 am. meaning the park just opened. poor baby girl got so scared of the snow white ride. of course that had to be our first ride. what's new. see that's why it's called "snow white scary ride"
- two: convincing sophie that the next ride is not scary and bribing her with balloons and toys just for her to go on the rides. man the kids were all jealous.
- three: everytime sophie got scared she kept saying "dreams come true!" because that's what mickey mouse said to get the evil witch to go away. great.
- we had to check max in into a kennel also for 5 days! he gets so nervous, he started making a mess in the pet place lobby and i'm talking about #1s and #2s. 
- my awesome hubs for letting me drive home because that never ever happens. and now i remember why. 1. i get so paranoid like taking the road test all over again and 2. he gets car sick. ew.

- our 2011 disney trip! it really is magical! the fireworks and the whole show at the end makes me teary eyed. so awesome, i'm glad we stayed till the very end.
- my mama's arriving in 2 days!!
- our the house is going to get inspected already and i can't wait to see it again.
- my wonderful hubs
- this necklace by kris nations. love. want. need. new york, of course. actually all of her designs are so nice.
- long driving with my babies because we get to sing all out in the car. and kill adele's album because she's so damn good!

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