Wednesday, December 21, 2011

taming my hyde.

one of the things that's been on my new years resolutions list every year is to tame my hyde. i am not much of a sleeper. in fact i wake up so early and can usually stay up really late. i hate taking naps!!! when i do sleep, d.n.d.!!!!! seriously!! i'm like a bear on hibernation thus the title hyde as in hide. but i've been called mr. hyde and the hulk by non other than my hubs but at this point, i don't feel bad for him anymore just because he doesn't learn. i don't care if it's an emergency. do. not. wake. me. up!!! unless you want to hear me roar. but seriously, i do want to change that. i am a happy person in fact i'm one of those "wake up, its a brand new day" kind of person. and i just can believe i am also the hulk! i don't even know i am doing it until the next morning when my hubs says "who the hell are you??" lol. he tends to exagerate a lot so maybe it's not even that bad. so goodluck to me! and my other self.

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