Wednesday, January 25, 2012

last night.

i couldn't sleep. eventhough i really needed it. instead i watched a movie and a half. ate twix and kitkat. temple run which is very addicting (i know it's so 2011) and you can't play this while lying down. gotta sit for this. i left half of my books in ny so while i was there i picked 3 to bring home and one of them i read last night. eye of the fish by luis francia - one of my fave filipino authors. the last time i read this book was probably 2004!!! so while reading, i immediately remembered that he's a filipino new yorker which is probably why i like his writing style. the two other books i got were new york trilogy by paul auster and the art of possibility by rosamund zander. now my night stand/writing desk is stacked! (whick reminds me to clear it up) i wonder if my subconcious is telling me something about being "home".
on another note, i couldn't decide if i wanted to wear, as per sophie, my shoes on a stick (heels) or my triangle shoes (pointy). i went with the safer one since im pretty much a walking zombie today. yey.

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  1. Hey there Ayan! Eating a Twix as I write this. I've not read that book, but will put it on my list. Happy belated 2012! Hope all is going well.


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