Friday, January 20, 2012

travelling clothes.

new york, here we come baby! yes, my brighton stripe + jeans for comfort. boots + slouchy sweater for warmth especially with the expected sleet from this morning's forecast. i have my scarf handy. of course miami decided to be bright and really sunny today. overdressed much?? i need a sign over my head that says "ny bound after work". charging my ipad for entertainment (eventhough i won't get to use it, it's practically sophie's). a bag of cheeseballs for snack.

i am sooooo excited! i heard there will be chinese food waiting for us. real chinese food and by real i mean real ny style take out which is actually far from the authentic chinese cuisine. lol.

on a sidenote, we were greeted this morning by these lovely flowers blooming on the side of our driveway.

(shirt: old navy, jeans: citizen of humanity, belt: h&m, boots: steve madden, watch: michael kors, bracelet: pandora, boracay)

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