Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend shenanigans through my iphone.

zoo was cancelled last weekend because i was still under the weather. instead...

we conquered the laundry monster that's been growing in every room which includes our ny luggage. now we have 2 loads left. i also finished the first season of once upon a time - my latest addiction - while folding clothes.

i went food shopping. organized our freezer by day. and our pantry. sort of.

i made the best reuben sandwich. ever. sophie and j agree. no pic because we we got over excited and ate them immediately. i cooked the corned beef and made coleslaw from scratch. here's the leftovers that made it for todays lunch. yumm.

i baked chocolate crinkles to bring to school and work. just because. everyone loves it!!

we braved the outlet mall and got 2 pairs of sneakers for sophie. i officially hate rainforest cafe because it's a parent trap! and the food is not even that good. or i am just sick of it because we eat at every rainforest we see!!! and we get the same thing!!!! gotta give it to them because they get us everytime. we also stopped by furniture store and ordered an ottoman to house out throw and remotes in the family room.

signed up sophie for swimming lessons. finally. and played in the playground for awhile. i also found put that hubs can't push himself in the swing (you know, using the leg). really?

finally hung up papa's painting in out bedroom. organized my desk-slash-nighstand. see before pic.

watched mormons on break with hubs. ???? I know! and took nyquil to end the day.

i would say this was not a good weekend. it. was. awesome.

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