Monday, February 20, 2012

ayan's head.

- i had leg cramps the other night and i slept through it. wow.
- mama and aunt #1 (tita ave) arrived last night and since my hubs and i have work, they've decided to reorganize some stuff. nervous? maybe.
- loving my new birdie top and skirt. told ya we were going shopping.
- stayed up til 2 am catching up with my mom and aunt and ate half a tub of ice cream. *sigh* good times.
- my mom's 65th birthday on the 22nd! i guess south beach it is!! she loves it there! i'm taking a day off! yess!
- i just got a delivery of 150 lbs of cheddar cheese, 50 lbs of butter and 50 gal of chicken broth. nice.
- my cousin, caroline arriving tonight and aunt #2 (tita fe) tomorrow!
- my very weird dream. let's just say it involved a tsunami, me hanging on a coconut tree and jumping, snapping turtles THIS big.
- saturday's post where i called my babies "nanoes". are my thumbs really that big?

(skirt, top: banana republic, cardi: target, flats: gap, watch: mk, bag: tse)

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