Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy wednesday.

i realized today that i wake up too damn early. i was outside (don't ask me why) and was staring at the moon which is so beautiful btw. the speculation that the moon will eventually go out of orbit and leave earth is just sad. you know aside from the effects of the absense of its gravitational pull. anyway, the moon! It was still out! and so were the stars. can't wait for the longer days and summer and actually wake up to the sun!

the weather today is muy bien! florals it is! also got this top from my sis! feeling spring-y today. and yes i'm learning spanish - a phrase a day. google translator style. since i'm in miami, why the heck not. today's phrase is "el tiempo hoy es impresionante!". that's "today's weather is awesome!" for you.

(top: old navy, skirt: f21, blazer: ae, shoes: nine west)

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  1. I cannot wait for warmer days! Almost wore a similar denim skirt the other day. Only, I most definitely would wear tights.


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