Monday, February 1, 2010

the guy in the wheelchair.

every morning i take j to subway station on main st. and i see this guy in a wheelchair "walking" his daughter to school. they always look so happy. i see them almost everday. i saw them last week when it was cold and raining so hard, he had his daughter sitting on his lap with both their hoods on. i guess an umbrella would be pointless because he needs both his hands to maneuver his wheelchair. if the daughter held the umbrella it would just block his view. nevertheless they had their big smiles. seeing them like this made me feel wierd inside. it almost feels like a heartbreak.

today, j is working mid shift so we left around 11:00 am instead of the usual 7:45 am. it turns out that that same guy also picks his daughter up from school. happy as usual. i realized that i don't feel sorry for them in fact i am happy for them. i don't know them and i am proud of both of them. my heart breaks not for them but for me. i feel a little guilt because sometimes i forget how easy i have it. i think it's safe to say that we are all like that sometimes. just like on that same rainy day, j and i couldn't stop complaing about how bad the weather was. there's so many things to worry about in this world but for now it's just about now.

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