Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my own magic bus.

i still want my vw microbus like my old orange and white schoolbus in elementary. i could use it right now... my dream backyard will have a microbus - "the microbus". doesn't have to be in driving condition as long as the exterior is good and there are no leaks. of course i will do all the paint job and i will redo the interior. remove the seats except the long one and do that in a sideway position and of course leave the driver seat. that will be sophie's throne. reupholster the rest of the seats with an outdoor, waterproof material and leave that out for j while he's bbqing. install an awning on the main entrance and put some steps for max. of course max will have a little spot inside too (by that time, i hope to have finished his bed). i have my bird feeder and 2 orchids already. i just need a mint plant and a lemon tree because i plan to stock up on tequilla.

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