Sunday, April 11, 2010

8.4 million dolphins killed every year.

last night i just saw one of the most heartbreaking documentary film, the cove. i mean i've heard about the "save the whales" and even hayden panettiere being involved with the dolphins but i never really bothered to get the details. who knew that 23,000 dolphins are being slaughtered in taiji, japan everyday. everyday. seriously. and that's just one of many spots where this terrible crime happens. it's not even a crime but it should be.
i've watched shamu and the dolphins when we went to sea world before and yes i've seen flipper on tv. amazing but if you really think about it they are captives masked by their facial features that look like big smiles. dolphins in the wild travel/swim on an average of 40,000 miles or something like that (a lot!) daily. and show dolphins don't even have a mile of space. and these are the "lucky ones" who got picked while the rest of their batch were killed for their meat. and for money.

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