Thursday, April 1, 2010


so it turns out that pain really is subjective. i've heard and read that so many times but never actually cared until my last visit to my endo. *wow* another enlightenment. i like my doctor very much. she's cool and everyone who works at her office are so hot! like seriously.
anyway, 6 months ago, i found out that i have 3 enlarged nodules on my thyroid. one of them is cystic but nothing to worry about. it's benign. and last tuesday i woke up and i was in so much pain. the right side of my throat hurt so much. like my cyst was dislodged (if that's even possible) or even dangling. yeah it was painful. so anyway my doctor's diagnosis: "you're stressed out and it's all in your head. go to the gym or go shopping." of course she had a longer explaination and i really wish i could remember everything she said. because what can i tell you i am cured! and that's after taking her advise and going straight to ac that day.
another fun fact i learned that day is that even amputees who are experiencing phantom pains are given pain killers. doctors are actually required to prescribe them pain killers. just like my thryroid - there's actually no nerves on the gland. if i was feeling pain (which i did), it would've been caused by the surrounding area of the thryroid and that would only happen if my cyst grew bigger but not in my case.
pain/endurance is a state of mind. yup like in martial arts movies. in reality, we don't actually always control our brains but we can. that is the power of the mind. nice to know i am a kung fu fighter deep inside. yeah really really deep inside.

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