Thursday, May 27, 2010

one of our backyard friends.

so lately we've been so into bird watching. it started with the birdfeeder. then a birdhouse and i made a really funny hanging bird bath. it's so cool how many different types of birds that's been coming to our backyard on a regular basis. baltimore oreole, mourning dove, house sparrow, house finch, robin, song sparrow. (btw, this is a good website for bird watchers) we also have three squirrels that come and eat the fallen seeds. and this one squirrel is probably the cutest and laziest squirrel i have ever seen. he's lying down on his tummy with eating. i'm so happy i finally got a photo of this cardinal. yey! so pretty. i wonder how birds know where there's food? if they're all the way up in the air and unless they have bionic vision, how are they able to see where there's bird seeds?

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