Sunday, May 30, 2010

baby product review.

don't have much advice about parenting because of my "new mom theory" but i do have a lot to say about baby products. having your first baby is probably the only reasonable excuse in buying overpriced item after all you do want the best for your baby. yeah we said that a lot. our frst time at babies r us was for our registry. man, it was overwhelming. i didn't know they made wipes warmer. like seriously? yeah there were items that made things easier, well at least for us. the best things we ever got was sterilizer and the video monitor. i can seriously say that i wouldn't know what i'd do without them and i don't really say that a lot about material things.
anyway, until now, one thing i hate doing is cleaning baby bottles. like i hate it with a passion, and it's not because i am staring at our neighbor's wall (kitchen window view). well that didn't help either. j hates it too. that is a real house chore. like it made my day everytime it's j's turn to do them.
so for my first baby product review, i'd like to share with the whole world the best bottle cleaner ever. it's called the "glass and bottle brush" by mainstays home. only available at walmart (but not online) and it retails for $2.43. the only con is that it looks like a toilet bowl cleaner.

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