Saturday, June 5, 2010

gift shops.

wow. i didn't know how much i love gift shops until now. i love knick knacks (not sure of spelling so...). i love souvenirs! i recently upgraded my souvenirs from magnets to ornaments. hopefully by christmas, i'll have the whole tree with ornaments or else it will only be one weird tree. anyway there's something about gift shops - i just have to see everything. and the fun part is (or the sad part for the people i am with) is i don't even have to buy anything. if i am staying at a hotel, like i have to stop by the gift shop everyday. sales people must think i am a deadbeat. i guess i am. anyway today i went to the most amazing gift shop in seaport village called the urban girl accessories. o.m.g. i almost died. or i did and i was in heaven. they have everything i need. or don't need. or more like i need everything they have. or don't need. i only have 2 more days here in san diego and that means 2 more days in heaven. sorry sophie, it's going to be mama time.

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