Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my little inspirations.

i had to retire my peace bead bracelet because i've overused it. i am scared that it will break. so i've turned to my thread bracelets that i got from our semi-honeymoon in boracay. i love the colors! and today i am so happy because theresa just added to my collection. best part is that it's hand-made by her. using my favorite combo at the moment: red and turquoise. i got to tell you i turn to these bracelets to pick my outfits. i know it's wierd but whatever.


  1. wow those bracelets are really pretty - nice colors

  2. nice bracelets =) i use to make them when i was in gradeschool. thanks to drop by my blog by the way, appreciate it. I follow you now.. =)


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