Friday, June 25, 2010

straight lines.

straight lines or rather straight cuts bother me alot for some reason. either it has to be perfectly straight or just completely random cut. usually i put some time of border on the edges of my sheets. lately i haven't been using my paper slider cutter because i think i might've overused it on some non-paper products. well actually i take that back - i have been using it on almost anything that fits in the slider. so everything i have been making are just random shapes, rough cuts and my most favorite: ripped paper. i love ripping paper! especially when the contrasting white parts in between colored papers show through. it's also so much easier. wow i can't believe how excited i am right now. gosh i am really that shallow.
i think i see my life the same way. hmmmm. now that i think about it my life it like that. perfectly imperfect. spontaneously planned. (ate go ahead and spell check that for me) nice. i guess i can't go wrong with what i am doing and "with what i am doing".

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