Friday, July 16, 2010


i've been using mp1081 for more than a decade already. since i was 13 years old. since 13! it's my first email. i've been using it eversince i discovered the internet and email. right now i am contemplating whether to keep it or not. so sad. i also use emps1081 for all my online gaming. c&c, oz, regnarok, warcraft. yeah kinda geeky. sad to say that i've used it recently. so you see they're both connected and really hard to part with.
yahoo is also my primary email. sad to say, in order to use outlook you have to purchase the upgraded version. hence my gmail account. i also needed a gmail to start this blog. of course mp1081 wasn't available. so instead i registered mv1081. mv1081! it's just not the same.
another dilema came up when i started this blog because i became so fond of using ayazine. so i registered and it turns out i can't tranfer my existing blog to the new email.
and then my flickr was connected to my yahoo. so i had to start a picasa account using ayazine instead of mv1081. aaaaaaaargh!
so you see?! can i just say i'm freaking out! it's freaking crazy!

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