Wednesday, November 24, 2010

random throughts.

- can't wait for my next sewing project. this time i will be prepared.
- i am obsessed with baking. and i need to perfect dough! i am trying a new dough recipe tomorrow. can't wait.
- i love olive oil.
- it's been 3 days since my wardrobe resolution and so far i think i am doing pretty good
- to bake or not to bake? i am planning on baking banana cake for xmas gifts! so far i've 15 on my list.
- i am also working on my xmas card list. 85! damn! so much for handmade cards.
- i need a tripod and rotary cutter.
- j's big 3-0h is coming up next week.
- sophie said the words love and sad in a sentence on her own.

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