Thursday, December 30, 2010

new year jitters.

although i am feeling a lot better. i haven't fully recovered yet. and i am not talking about my medical status. i feel like i've been either sick or i've been baking the whole month of december. i was robbed at least four decembers days including christmas day. 2 days after my hubby's surprise party so that means the days before that i've been baking and planning the party. and i was asleep the whole day of december 25!!!!!! - yes i've been saying that to everyone. i know "relax, ayan, get over it" but that's christmas day! i've never been sick on christmas day before! so before that i've been baking banana bread for everyone. this is freaking crazy. i still have a few pyrex loaf pans left and when i say "a few" that means 8. damn. and eveytime i see them i just feel like screaming as in picasso's the scream kind of scream. and the worst part if i've no more bananas! let's just say that i have reached my banana bread limit for 2011.
anyway my point is - yes people there is a point to this post. i think. i hope. oh yeah, my new years resolution. it's freaking tomorrow already! i am usually busy around this time (like in my head) but i'm just so lazy. i can't accept flu as an excuse. it's just that 2010 was a big year and we've been busy. or i've been busy and december went by so fast. i forgot to mention the snow storm that's still out there. i actually went to the supermarket today and totally forgot about new years eve!!! i didn't buy one thing for tomorrow. like that is so not me! what the heck is going on with me! i'm sorry i guess i don't have a point. or i did i just forgot it already. damn.

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