Saturday, January 22, 2011


- being in the car with dad in law while my fave radio morning show (elvis duran & the morning show) plays animal sex sounds. make that really awkward.
- stressing out and changing my mind for the 100000000th time on what to do for sophie's birthday cake. she wants a yellow, ice cream cake with ice age theme.
- booboo on my right thumb
- blocking a sanitation truck who's trying to make a turn and trying to plow some snow
- blocking an intersection by accident - see this is why i don't like driving in snow
- finally took sophie to play in the snow
- love my hunter boots and so glad i got it in navy
- playing pusoy (13-card poker) with my crazy family
- sophie turning 3 on sunday! really!!? whoa slow down little lady
- diy projects from p.s. i made it
- finally used my sewing machine
- western beef's chicken wings 1.69/lb baby!
- free wood and tile samples at home depot

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