Thursday, January 27, 2011


starting a conversation with neighbor by commenting about the weather and realizing he didn't hear you. and people seeing your oh-he-didn't-hear-me face
ordering chinese food for lunch and forgeting to ask sis in law if she wants to order anything. it was a late lunch. thought everyone ate already
when parking spots are messed up and cars are parked over the lines. and you end up parking over the line too and way too close to the cars. and then the car on the left leaves and the driver of the car on right arrives thinking you're the dummy who can't park
missing sophie's doctor appointment after telling them we were definitely coming
over-eating, yet again

shovelling! i love shovelling snow esp when the snow is fresh
hubby working from home again due to weather condition
chinese food for lunch. boneless spare rib tips baby!
picturesque kissena park - like staight out of a calendar
winning pusoy (13-card poker) 4 times
kendi's 30 for 30 winter edition and yes i am in!
ancient aliens on the history channel
scratching my hunter - that means it's "broken in"
new ayazine banner and button. sort of, too lazy figure out the html stuff
cuddling with j after a long day while watching far and away. definitely on my top 1- favorite movies of all times

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