Wednesday, January 26, 2011

very tempting.

i've been reading kendi everyday for some time now. she does this challenge (open invitation btw) where you pick 30 peices of clothing including shoes and you wear it for 30 days. of course you have to document it. read more about it here. sound very exciting and i'm so up for this challenge. def right up my alley. the only prob is i stay home most of the time. i love dressing up and remixing! my hubby and sis always make fun of me when i'm all dressed up for the supermarket. so?! hmmm what to do. my niece, angel is up for it! can't wait to see all her outfits. she's got style that's for sure! and she blogs too!
p.s. i love what she wrote on her profile. "People think that when you get married and move to a small town, that you should get pregnant. i started a blog. (it's a girl)"

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