Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hunter wellies.

i've been secretly wanting hunter boots since forever. $125 is too steep for me to pay for rain boots. mind you i've never owned a pair before. so i bought one from walmart for $20 and never thought i'd say this but i *love* them. i don't know how i survived without them. it's the best for snow too.

for my birthday, my sis in law bought me a brown one from so happy to finally own a hunter! but i spoke too soon. their sizes run a little big and the website recommends to to buy one size smaller. i am normally 9.5 i don't know why i got 8. 9 would've been perfect. so i returned them and between all the holidays i guess they were pretty busy for returns. which is fine because i couldn't make up my mind on what color to get. sheesh! if i didn't have my hunter green it would've been an easy pick. so i decided on brown original.

a month and a half later i finally got the gift code i need to purchase my exchange. and of course they're all out of 9s!! i've been checking everyday to see if they got some new ones. they have aubergine which is not bad, but just not my color. at this point, i will take cream, black or navy. i think i own too many brown boots already.yesterday, i discovered that they have another style and it's driving me nuts!!!! not available at that would look so good with the red shoelace i stole from my sis.

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