Friday, January 7, 2011

it's awkward and awesome thursday!

i know it's friday and i'm late but sydney over at daybook has an open invitation to join her in posting our own awkward and awesomes! yikes! btw, i have been stalking daybook since november! just in time because my christmas wishlist was pretty much inspired by her 30 for 30. and man i can't get enough. love, love her style! anyway here goes...

- awkward, yeah i had to spell check that one. lol
- psyched to use my new and first sewing machine but something was missing. thread.
- finally solved the mystery that is causing my headache. new toothpaste!! who knew?
- watching sophie's favorite movie, ice age 3 for the 100000000000th time
- leaving my camera on and draining the battery after uploading pix
- putting fully charged battery back and forgeting to check if cam is still on. of course it is. another drained battery
- 2 days of not being able to use my camera

- going to century21 and finding out that they are having a sale or just being out of the house after 2 weeks at home with flu
- thick, soft, fluffy snowflake in your lashes
- finally ordered my navy hunter boots!!
- finished my new year's resolutions and goals. i love lists!
- finally got our lampshade to work (thanks dad) i can read and write at night again while hubby plays his video games.
- sophie finally back to her normal self! so is her appetite! byebye flu!
- ina garten's lobster pot pie!
- comfy sweats, oversized cardigan, warm slipper booties and my favorite tiedyed shirt on a cold, snowy day

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