Thursday, March 17, 2011

a&a thursday.

- stinky elevator, but it wasn't me
- being on a full train with sophie and a guy offering his seat for us. only problem is he's all the way on the other end of car. thank you but we're good. really.
- another pedestrian saw my car dance move. yeah. note to self: stop being a wierdo
- having conversation with "adults" and suddenly becomes quiet. somebody say something like now. yes i still feel like a kid when i'm with my parents and in laws.
- not having cash when there's a big a** sign that says cash only
- gas indicator light on while on the highway. that was the longest ride ever. i was like don't talk to me and my hand were ice cold. at least next time i know how far i can go.

- sophie finally got her ears pierced!
- picking up papa from the airport
- my lola (grandma) turning 90
- skype reunion
- ipad 2. ordered.
- when a piece of clothing revives a lot of old clothes

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  1. the pictures came out great!
    love the middle picture!


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