Tuesday, March 15, 2011

weekend at the meatpacking district.

i love this dress and the colors. i decided to wear it with a blazer because the news said it's going to be 50+ degrees. and it did but i totally forgot that we were going near the water. a bit chilly and so windy. good thing i wore tights. and i only wore it because we took public transpo. my original outfit was this dress, denim jacket and no tights! yikes!
this was taken at the highline park in the meat packing district. i have been wanting to go here since august!! seriously. i love parks esp the ones in the city. there's something magical being in place with lots of greens and at the same time surrounded by buildings. almost like a secret garden where the buildings are like the high walls. this park's different though because there's no trees. plus it's winter so all the plants are brownish. but it's got a great story and history. when people ask me what the highline is, i get all excited. and i tell the whole story and they're like hmmm ok. like they don't get how amazing it is. hubby is so lucky to be working a block away from here and he doesn't really care for it much. you can read more about the amazing highline here
our day started out like this. read more about it and check more photos here.

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  1. Wow, I love your boots & that dress! That pattern is so great!


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