Thursday, April 7, 2011

stop and breath.

i wish i could stay in bed all day. i have so much on mind right now and i've so much to say that i don't know where to begin. yes i've been running around like a crazy person. and this right now is me stopping and breathing. and here i am staring at the monitor, hands on keyboard. but not typing. i actually spoke to my brother yesterday - our 30 minute conversation was mostly me saying "what was i saying?", "i was about to say something but i forgot", "what do call that?" in english and tagalog. and referred to pretty much everything as "thing" as in "when we arrive at the thing", "need to do the thing". anyway, now that i'm thinking about it i always say those things. whatev. i really need to take a break from everything so i'm just going to list random things that's in my head.

- let me just get this out of the way: we're moving to another state!!!!!!!!! (insert panic attack here)

- over the weekend i was actually thinking of how my outfits are going to be like in south florida. i gotta say ny style is by far the coolest.

- i prefer saying south florida than miami just because i have this whole image in my head of what miami is. you know what i'm talking about - party city, kardashian scene (lol) and that kind of stuff. but that's just me. we also tell people one of the reasons we're moving is sophie.  like it doesn't make sense at all.

- how in the world am i going to pack everything!??!?

- since j will be there a week earlier. i can picture myself at the airport dragging sophie with her backpack, and my bag that's big enough to fit my cam trying to figure out where to check max in.

- need to check airline pet regulations.

- i have to deliver a testimony on sunday and all i have is the intro. yikes!

- i've been wearing my fave tie dyed shirt for 2 days now (of course i took a shower) it's honestly the most comfy piece of clothing i have but it definitely has seen better days.

- i have a stabbing pain on the right side of my back for 3 weeks now. i've been blaming it on my new bag but it's probably a good idea to have it checked out. when i have time i guess. so that means not this month or the next.

- we're moving!!!!!!!!!!!! still can't believe it. it sort of feels like your first kiss. like it's unbelievable and crazy. can't get over the fact you just did it.

- i didn't really put much thought into this whole moving thing. and that's just the way i am. i just do what i feel  at the moment. like literally going where life takes me. like getting married, having sophie. i know, i know what you're thinking. hey it's not for everyone and it works for me.

- i wish i could have a little bit more time doing this. but gtg for now.

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