Thursday, April 14, 2011

a&a thursday.

since my last blog, i've been packing and packing for our move to miami. still not done. and today i think i reached my breaking point. aaaaah!! need a hug quick. hubby come home! now! thank you for this video. still laughing from watching it. so freaking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

- me having blogging withdrawal. i miss it! my whole week was spent packing, packing packing.
- having a serious conversation with papa's doctor with sophie - just wasn't happening
- delivered my testimony in front of the whole church. kept clearing my throat because my voice was shaky in the beginning
- saying goodbye to friends and family
- packing stuff while someone is watching - yeah i'm bringing everything
- other people touching my hair

- ipad2 baby! just don't have time to play around with it
- florida baby!
- going away party next week baby!
- big bowl of home made spaghetti with a slice of melting american cheese on top of sauce and capri sun drink. and no i'm not at a children's party
- how about this video!
- emily henderson on hgtv - secrets from a stylist
- new show on natgeo - wild case files and new episode of ancient aliens. gosh i'm such a nerd

(video via better after)

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