Friday, June 17, 2011

3 birds with 1 stone.

so this outfit qualifies in three challenges: 30 for 30, bloggers do it better: neon and neutral and rule breaking monday! and that's my shoe number two for the remix. click on the links to see everyone who's participating in the challenges. i have to say i'm starting to love the neon colors. i know what my hubby's going to say "you're not in the 80s!" i'm really glad i included this skirt in my 30.


  1. Cute! It's very flattering on you and man, those sandals are ridiculously hot. The checkers and hot pink make for a flirty, but lady-like vibe.
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    Wearing motherhood with style.

  2. Absolutely adore the skirt and bangles, so fun!!


  3. you are so pretty...

  4. You nailed all three goals :) Looking good!

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  5. Oh wow who knew Old Navy had a cute neon pieces!

  6. LOVE your outfit!! Love the neon colors, you rocked all three entries!!

  7. you look gorgeous girl! btw: the farmer's market is off of red road at pinecrest garden's on sundays :) if you google it, its super easy to find! stop by the wayside market and get a smoothie on the way!


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