Monday, June 20, 2011

cuban sandwich + rainbow.

we drove my sister around south beach last night for some last minute sight seeing - because the weather decided to be itself. unpredictable. it was going to rain so we decided to stay home but it didn't. of course as soon as we got in the car it started raining. just for a little while though and then a double full rainbow came out! yes i know. as in two full rainbows next to each other. i was so excited like a crazy person in the car trying to capture it on my camera. the pictures don't do any justice at all, the second rainbow is lighter. anyway we showed my sister the art deco district, ocean drive, lummus park and lincoln road. we ended our night with the best cuban sandwich from las vegas cuban cuisine.


  1. i am loving the striped maxi. Seriously loving it. Kind of wanting to steal it from you. So better guard your closet. :)

    -Heather from

  2. Gorgeous maxi dress! It fits you perfectly :)


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