Tuesday, June 21, 2011

froyo by the pound.

my last 2 days were spent in a bathing suit and pretty much beach bum clothes. no 30 for 30 outfits from last weekend. my sister is going back to ny today.*sigh* we miss her already. our last stop was at the froyo place called frozen yogurt bar (i know, how original). it's like the doral version of red mango but they have like 20 different flavors and tons of toppings including sauces and wafers. and they sell it by the pound!! so you can have pretty much anything you want like sophie. she's like a mad scientist mixing all the flavors with a crazy laugh. or you can have a plain one like me, vanilla with one topping. my sis got red velvet with what looks like tapioca pearl but it pops in your mouth. so. good. i miss my sis already!!! don't you hate goodbyes?

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