Sunday, July 3, 2011

happy 4th.

1. all our plans for this 4th of july weekend were pretty much cancelled rescheduled for next weekend because of sophie's booboo. we were going to have picnic at the beach and i had a whole menu (ina garten style) planned as well. so instead we went to hollywood boardwalk and had seafood pizza and ice cream. tomorrow we're having burgerssssssss and hotdogs and looking forward to watching some fireworks from our balcony!!
2. today is my sister, garet or as i call her inggay (nickname from nowhere) so happy b! we miss you.
3. it's papa's last weekend with us. on friday, he will be homeward bound to the philippines. so that means this will probably be the last you'll see our backs. bon voyage, papa. see you in december.
happy 4th of july everyone! 


  1. I love the chambray shirt over the brightly patterned dress. Looks comfy and stylish!

  2. i looove your dress!it's perfect!


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