Friday, August 12, 2011

i miss this.

the other night, hubs and i couldn't sleep. we stayed up all night talking about you know - stuff and life. and just out of the blue, he said "let's buy a long table for you". where i can start doing stuff again. and as you can see from the pic, i need a really long table for all my stuff. there's a lot of stuff missing in this pic: my sewing machine, 3 boxes of old clothes that i've been meaning to refashion (mostly sophie's), my second monitor, all my scrapbook paper and stuff that used to be on a 4 drawer filing cabinet and who knows what else. i have way too many projects. had.
since we're planning on moving again, everything is on pause including buying furniture and unpacking everything. i would say we've only unpacked 1/4 of our stuff and everything else is on the when-we- buy-the-house pile and who knows how long that'll take.
so next week, i will attempt to go into our storage a.k.a. garage and find my stuff, take over sophie's room (mwahahah) since she's not sleeping there anyway, steal my husband's work table (mwahaha) and let see if we can get the creative wheels turning again!

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