Friday, September 30, 2011

job hunt update.

remember this post?  and this? i wish i could tell you that ‘i nailed it, i got the job’. but i didn’t. didn’t think it would get to me but it was kind of discouraging. well since then i’ve been job hunting. just like everything in life, it’s all in the mind. i’m the type of person who will work hard and focus to reach my goal. so with the help of eminem’s lose yourself on repeat and lots of prayer. i was able to land not just one! but two! job offers! both with good companies. i mean i have to say, with the unemployment rising up, i’m so lucky! i made the hardest decision on picking which one is best for me and my fam. it took two weeks for me to decide! 

so that explains why i’ve been m.i.a. from blogging.  two weeks ago was all about applications, interviews, mom visiting from nyc, finalizing paperwork for closing on our house and enrolling sophie in school. well i spent the past few days cleaning my inbox, unsubscribing to all junk mails from job sites (yeah baby!), relaxing, reading my brother’s book, playing with sophie in her playroom and lying down on the center of the floor, watching disney channel (i know) and ancient aliens.

this coming 2 week is all about packing and moving to our new home!!!!!!, change of address stuff (grrrr!), painting, cleaning and dig up my nice clothes because starting october 10, i’m a working momma! booyah! 


  1. Things are aligning for you. Congratulations, Ayan!! I really like your second look. The skirt is so cute. You could also easily turn that look into an outfit for a night out by changing accessories and shoes. Good luck with the move and your new job!

  2. congratulations ate ayan!!!!


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