Tuesday, August 9, 2011

guess where i wore this outfit to.

that's right my job interview 2 weeks ago. as much as i wanted to wear more colors and accessories. i opted for this classic business attire. can't go wrong with that.
as soon i was scheduled for the interview, i knew exactly what wear! i've boxes of nice clothes from my working days. silly me, i only tried on my outfit 2 days before the interview. and guess what? non of my shirts fit me in the chest area!!! and my blazers are still on the tight side. really?!?!? i probably could've worn some of them but i just wouldn't be comfy.
so i immediately checked the express website - i love their work wear! i seriously have all the colors of their editor pants. anyway i couldn't get myself to pay $96 bucks for a black blazer and much more on a $70 white shirt that have both so many of. so instead i went to ny&co - same company owns express and ny&co (and the limited and victoria's secret) so i was so sure i'd find the same pieces for much much cheaper! and i did!
and if you want to read how my interview went, check a+s.


  1. What a perfect look for an interview! How did it go, do you think you'll get the job?

  2. You look very professional, yet stylish, Ayan!
    Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.


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