Thursday, September 1, 2011

a&a thursday.

- waiting restlessly at the dmv to surrender my ny license (insert panic attack here) first my phone number, now my license. officially a floridian. whatttt! at least i can enjoy florida resident discount!
- not realizing that you can still leave messages on unactivated voicemail
- guy at dmv speaking to me in spanish. i kept answering him even though i didn't know what he asked. i think he was asking me if i was next on the cashier line. answer # 1: yes this is the line for cashier. answer # 2: no i'm not on line, i'm waiting. answer # 3: you can go ahead, i'm waiting. whatevs.

- guess who's going to disney tomorrow. 4 days and 3 nights of awesomeness!
- offer on our dream house got accepted
- my notebooks came. that's right i ordered lots of extras
- eating food from our survival bag: corned beef with egg. so. good. lol.

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  1. That shade of pink looks great on you. So pretty! Yay for A&A, I just did my very first one. Finally got "organized" enough to keep track of my week. Felt really good to write it out. I used to keep a journal, but it's been awhile. Guess, there used to be a lot of inner turmoil prior to meeting my hubby because I'm pretty sure that's when I stopped keeping a personal diary. Hee-hee. Have a great weekend, Ayan! Congrats on finding your dream home. That sounds very exciting!


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