Saturday, August 27, 2011

picky much.

last year i've been writing so tiny on my note book. like seriously 2 lines in one. just because i love that brand of notebook and it was the last one i had. i could only get it from one place in ny - samflax on 57th and park ave. and they might have closed that location. love the texture of the paper. whatevs.

anyway for new year hubs gave me a new notebook he got from b&n. the brand is greenroom, only problem is - it's spiral!!!!! i hate spiral notebooks! anyway he's so thoughtful - he got it for me because it's lime green, has a wood grain pattern and it's 70% recycled. for some reason he keep getting me lime green stuff. don't know why. i didn't want to break his heart so i used it. good thing it had the texture that i like and only had 50 pages.

well as of aug 11, that notebook's done. i purchased a few kinds from office depot and tried using it but it's just not the same. and believe or not they don't have b&n here. so i'm still on the hunt for the perfect notebook! seriously i'm so picky when it comes to my notebook:
- has to be narrow ruled
- not spiral bound!!!
- and the most important - it has to fit in my case. like it has to be no less than 5 x 7 and no more than 6.5 x 8.25 or it's gonna look weird.
- paper must be smooth so that when i use my fine point pen i don't hear the scratchy sound
- no perforation marks
- staple bound and not clothbound

since most of stuff are still boxed up, i can't get to my old notebooks even to just check the brand! so i pretty much spent my saturday trying to find a notebook online. i had to text my old boss and find out if he remembers it. so anyway i found it! it's called crairefontaine!!!!! it's the best notebook. ever. this one to be exact.

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  1. I love your illustrated notes. So cute, Ayan! I'm picky about my sketchbooks, as well. My favorite brand is moleskine. The paper is GREAT and comes lined, grid or plain and in regular paper or thick watercolor/mixed media paper. There is also themed books for logging: wine, food, travel, etc. Good stuff.

    Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.


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