Thursday, December 29, 2011

adventure in the highway.

yesterday was an off day for me. i left my phone at home. my drive to work is about 40 mins on highway 75 and let me tell you there's not one day that there no emergency of some sort on that highway whether it's an accident or a flat tire. thank god i have not heard or seen anything major. but can you imagine?!? having a flat tire and not having a cell phone?!? it was the longest drive of my life. i kept turning off the radio to listen for flat tire sound. whatever that sounds like. paranoid much?
so the whole yesterday, no blogging, no texting, couldn't call anyone because i didn't have anyone's numbers. i actually though about some weird stuff and new years resolutions like how i use only one knife for everything but that's a whole other post.
anyway today i'm back! picked up some blue hydrangeas this morning for new years weekend and for my desk. t

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