Friday, December 30, 2011


today i left the house early. no traffic at all. admiring the gorgeous sunrise the whole drive. everything was peachy keen until i got to the parking lot.
i noticed that there's slight crack on the windshield! a slight crack is never slight. it came out of nowhere. seriously. i didn't see it yesterday and this morning. it just magicly appeared. and of all cars, mine of course. i was so bummed out. as my hubs always say things like this only happens to me. and by this i mean unbelievable things. its always me and not him! i hate the part where i have to break it to him gently. or not. in this case, at 7 am i called him. "hi, i'm here (he's always worried that i am not gonna make it to my destination). are you awake yet? (obviously) i noticed that there's a small crack on the windshield." "a small what!!??" oh gosh he's so dramatic!
naturally i can't stop thinking about this stupid dent and all the inconvenience it comes with. not to mention the worst case senarios that can happen, thanks to my wild imagination and watching too much final destination.
anyway at that point, at 7:25am to be exact, i had a choice. if i should let this ruin my day or not. it's not going anywhere. it hard not to think about it but i always start by fixing the situation and figure out what the real damage is. called geico and this woman, lee, was so nice. she said "good thing it happened now, getting rid of all the bad stuff before new year". that and they'll take care of it and waive the deductible. problemo solved! i just saved $800 bucks plus tax. trust me i know. let's just say this is not a first time for me to crack a windshield.
if anyone ask me how it happened, i. don't. give. a. damn. who cares you're not going to believe it anyway. *sigh* moral of the story: things are never THAT bad! when life throws curve balls at you, keep smiling!
on another note, todays outfit was inspired by yesterday's jcrew email. i miss these boots!

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