Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the case of the tuesdays.

so is this the age of reality tv. thankfully i am not addicted to any of the shows or tv for that matter but when it's on, i can't help but watch. the shows are getting more and more ridiculous. for instance, chasing big foot. really? news flash: there is no big foot!!!! or is there?

anyway, enough of that. on our trip to ny, i got to cohost my sis in law's baby shower! we made diaper cake. we used actual baby clothes for banners. and we had some cake pops! which is why i am bringing this up. they're so delish. i am craving for some now and i think they'll make for some awesome valentine's treats. so i am on a quest for recipes and how tos.

on another note, this tulip skirt turned into a baloon skirt instead. lol. its a size 12!!! but couldn't pass it up for $5 bucks. love the colors. i've had it for a year and this is only my third time wearing it. i have to say it's very comfy.

(skirt: h&m, cardigan: who knows it's from my mom, blouse: h&m, flats: gap, watch: mk)

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