Wednesday, February 1, 2012

damn you storage wars.

so much for not being addicted to reality shows. i was up until 2 am!
first, i watched zoo keeper after hubs' recommended NOT to watch it. but i love that guy! got me some emily henderson fix that i dvr'ed some time ago. as i was flipping through the channels to find my i-can't-sleep-fave show - king of queens, i accidentally flipped the channel to storage wars! that was around 11:30 pm! if my math is correct, that's like 5 episodes! the sad part is at 12:30am, i dvr'ed the rest only to watch it while being recorded.

this morning, i woke up at 6am instead of my usual 5am - yeah that's me i hate rushing and i like enjoying my coffee in the morning by myself and preparing a good breakfast before we start our day- not because i forgot to set the alarm (phone) and no its not on vibrate. i had the volume set at the lowest. great! i have only 4 hours of sleep. and it's only wednesday?! But look a picture taken outside!

(skirt: f21, shirt: zara, blazer: american eagle, shoes: aldo, watch: mk)

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