Tuesday, January 17, 2012

love and marriage.

hubs and i have been married for 6 years. like all marriages we've been through lots of adventures. some awesome and some not so nice. anyone who knows us knows that we fight like cats and dogs. like kids. literally. i read an article about ellen barkin and don drapkin's relationship and i'd have to say that ours is pretty much the same minus the bazillion dollars.
our marriage is extreme, we never have a "just ok" time. either we're super crazy and annoyingly cheesy about each other or it's wwIII. that's normal, at least in our book. lol.
our biggest problem is we love each other too damn much. and it doesn't help that we're both spoiled brats who needs attention and always expect to get what we want. best part is making up. and just like kids, we both wait who's gonna say something first. sigh. why can't we just skip the whole drama and get to the good part. i guess that's what makes it good.

(top: trifted, pants: zara, shoes: aldo, bag: lv, watch: michael kors)

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  1. SIGH relationships are so hard! lol but great you guys made up! can't wait to see you guys soon! love you!


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