Tuesday, January 17, 2012

time machine shoes.

i don't particularly love this outfit but i do love these skimmers from jcrew. i got them like 7 years ago. so much that i have them in three suede colors and even bought one for my mom. i was holding holding on to them for years until now that i'm working again. and that goes for pretty much all my work clothes and shoes. the problem is everytime i wear pointy shoes i feel like i am outdated. like i am back in 2005. that's the year were i officially stopped wearing my "nice" clothes and say bye bye to working in the city - company relocated and dress code was changed to casual. i mean i am happy just being able to wear my clothes again - what am i talking about!?!? i am psyched that they even fit!!! anyway the pointy shoes - are they really out of style? if you notice i haven't worn any pointy heels! it is only in my head? or should i dig up my old shoes too?

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