Monday, February 6, 2012


it's only 10:06 am and it's already crazy.

woke up late. the weather!!! it's like monsoon out there! no breakfast. hubs called in sick. so i had to drive today. yey. (sarcastic unexcited yey) sophie threw up in the car. major traffic on the high way because of the zero visibility. and worst of all - my hair is up. which NEVER happens because for some crazy reason i get headaches everytime. and over the weekend, i was planning on sending some of my work clothes "basics" to the cleaners. take a note of the word "planning" because that never happened. so i has no choice but to wear this skirt which i was saving for t.o.m. *sigh* opted for a cheerful green to bring some color out of this gloomy, rainy day. i was 15 mins late!!!!!! which bothers me. I HATE being late. but i caught the elevator! only my boss was in it!! great!

i gotta say mondays like this makes for some awesome tuesday! now that i've gotten rid of all the craziness, my day is about to get better. happy monday everyone!

(skirt: ann taylor, top: h&m, cardi: mom, watch: mk, shoes: aldo)

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