Tuesday, February 28, 2012

second work day of the week.

- one of the guys i correspond with by email at work always replies "negative" and "affirmative". i feel like a drill sergeant. like did you have a good weekend? affirmative! sheeesh!
- chatting with hubs while working on a spreadsheet. in all caps. no, i am not screaming. it's funny how capitalization changes the tone of the chat. here's a comic from theoatmeal.com. ps. super funny website if you have a wierd sense of humor like me. hubs thinks it's not funny. but then again that's from a guy who is linsane.
- i am swamped with work today. I've had 5 cups of coffee already. and work keeps coming. breakfast at home and at work was a good call.
- the scrambled egg at the cafeteria is sooooo dry and nasty - probably the fake kind - but it's so gooooood. i sometimes cook real eggs and make it look that way.
- my daughter brought home her first homework yesterday!!!! and we forgot to do it. what kind of mom am i??!? lol. note to self: keep crayons or any writing instrument in the car.
- lunch at 1pm with hubs!
- i originally wore bright red with this skirt and ended up wearing black. i have no idea why.
- my dad's painting for our dining room is almost done! here's a little preview.
- i have decided that i am going to start wearing lipstick. that is as soon as i buy some.

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