Wednesday, February 29, 2012

extra day.

i feel like doing something crazy today in honor of leap year. but probably won't unless you consider shopping for a shaver at walmart crazy. i am however secretly hoping that my sis in law gives birth today. that way feb 29 will be really exciting and i can finally say that i know a leap year baby. having an extra day turns my curiosity level to the max. you know like time travelling or when you gaze at the stars and the possibilities of life becomes infinite. no? ok that's just me then. anyway, if you think about it time is drifting that we have to add a day to make up for it. anyway don't mind my blah-ging. get it? blogging=blahging because i am blogging about blah.. ahhaha. but seriously i'm ending it right here before i get carried away. enjoy your extra day everyone!

(top: sweet pea/macys, skirt: ann taylor, cardi: f21, watch: toy watch, shoes: aldo, bag: lv)

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