Thursday, February 2, 2012

thirsty thursday and dejavu.

yey! almost superbowl weekend which means hotwings and beer! and burgers! and i'm gonna try to make a 7-layer cheese dip using a coworker's recipe. i'm not sure why she called it that. it's very much like taco bell's nacho bell grande with real ingredients. for sweets, sophie is gonna make us ice cream using a toy given to her by my sis on her birthday. crossing fingers that it works. i think i'm more curious than her.

if we actually have happy hour here or if i can actually go to one, i'd be there like i used to. pretty much everyday in the city. lol.

i'm very nostalgic about my outfit. I've worn this very exact outfit from shoes to top and pants in 2003-2004. probably more than once. this morning while deciding if i should wear a belt or not, i went through the same thought process as i did back then. dejavu. and decided the same thing - no belt. i've also figured out how to use our steamer (finally) which is why i'm wearing pants! my closet just got bigger! that is, after i steam all my pants.

(pants: banana republic, shirt: zara, shoes: nine west)

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