Friday, March 2, 2012

twilight zone.

last night was creepy. i woke up so thirsty at exactly 2:59 am - i am not kidding!! to find my hubs just waking up from a bad nightmare. so that would make it exactly 3:00 am! and he wanted to tell me about his dream and i begged him not to because then i'll get scared but he managed to say "it's like paranormal". you know the movie. great! so then i started thinking about it as i force my self to sleep. sure enough i had a nightmare too. about the movie that scares the crap out of me - the fourth kind. that i was abducted by aliens. and the freaking owls! unbelievable! yes, that is why i'm not a big fan of owls. if you haven't seen that movie, go ahead and watch it because everyone seems to disagree with me. that it's not that scary. well i hate that movie man! i wish i never saw it.

we woke up late of course as a result of this. left the tv on all night on the shopping channel. which made us more late because as soon as i woke up i couldn't help but watch that damn slow cooker make gourmet meals in minutes!

t.g.i.f. peeps!

(pants, sweater: old navy, flats: jcrew, watch: mk, bangles: laula rowe, necklace: f21)

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